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List of documents
Cooperation rules
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List of documents:
For legal

– VAT Number

For individual
– entrepreneurs

– Personal Number

Cooperation rules:
To obtain the status of an ERC business partner, it is necessary to meet certain requirements and conclude relevant agreements and treaties. A parol agreement is binding prior to the conclusion of the formal treaty.
General rules

– Partners showing sales growth in volume and product range together with ERC, promoting the products and solutions offered, receive an appropriate level of support from us.

– To obtain business partner status, you should meet the following requirements:

– Comply with contractual obligations and payment discipline;

– Have a sales infrastructure that allows for growth or significant and stable purchase volumes every quarter annually;

  • Expand the range of products and services offered, not limited to narrow product groups;
  • A business partner may be provided with access parameters to a special part of the B2B ERC website with additional information and consulting services. In case of failure to fulfill the agreed requirements, the business partner can be denied such access;
  • In case of non-compliance with the terms of cooperation on volumes, recommendations on sales methods, etc., the business partner should receive a notification from the lead manager with a proposal to improve such conditions over the specified period;
  • The first quarter of cooperation is a test for both parties. At quarter-end, the lead manager may consider necessary holding an in-person meeting to summarize and search for further common prospects;
  • Parties have the right to terminate the Partnership Agreement in accordance with the clauses of this agreement.
To become a partner

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