A diverse Zalman power supplies range for thrifty users

The South Korean company ZALMAN offers a wide range of components for creating and improving advanced computer systems. Universal range, unique technological solutions, many years of experience and worldwide recognition of ZALMAN are important components of success.

Cases, power supply units, air and liquid cooling systems, various accessories are the main products of ZALMAN, which are popular and known to a wide range of users, connoisseurs of modern computer components.

The PC power supply unit is an important component of the computer system, which supplies all components and guarantees their stable operation.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a power supply unit for a PC:

  • the power of the power supply unit, taking into account the needs of all components of the system as a whole;
  • the reserve capacity for a prospective system upgrade;
  • the operating conditions of the system and its subsequent load, whether the system is intended for overclocking or will work in regular mode;
  • the availability of necessary cables, their length and additional advantages (cables covering);
  • the main specification parameters and operation manual;
  • the size of the power supply unit and its standard, the possibility of placing it in the selected case.

How to find your way in the variety of brands and offers when you already have an idea about the desired device? Who should you prefer and which models should you choose?

How to create an optimal budget computer system?

In view of the listed questions, manufacturers form product series that meet certain needs of users and make the choice easier.

We offer ZALMAN budget-level PC power supplies range.

The main selection criterion: the optimal ratio of quality, functional features and cost.


Let’s start with the younger budget series of ZALMAN power supply units – WATTBIT II, represented by models: ZM400-XEII, ZM500-XEII, ZM600-XEII.

ZALMAN power supply WATTBIT II series is an ideal offer for thrifty users and elementary computer systems.

ZALMAN power supply units WATTBIT series are created on the basis of a modern proven component base, that guarantees reliability and stability of work over a long period of operation and allows you to be sure of the uni’’s perfect performance and high-quality system power supply.

The power supply units have an optimal number of implemented interfaces with a convenient location on the cables. It is possible to connect one or two video adapters without the use of adapters, as well as organize a simple disk subsystem and connect a certain number of peripheral devices.

ZALMAN WATTBIT II power supplies are designed for home and gaming PCs of initial and medium complexity levels.

The next series of ZALMAN power supply units for thrifty users is the budget LXII series. This is the optimal ratio of cost and quality for creating elementary PCs and computer systems of medium complexity without excessive load.


The model range is represented by 600W and 700W power supply units: ZM600-LXII, ZM700-LXII.

The component base of ZALMAN power supply units LXII series with a single bus and indicators is up to +12V and 552W (for ZM600-LXII power supply unit), 648W (for ZM700-LXII power supply unit) of available power at 90% efficiency. This indicates that the blocks will provide a stable supply voltage for the processor and graphic card – the main components of the PC.

Guaranteed stable power supply on the +12V common line is safe operation thanks to the use of direct double conversion technology. The power supply units comply with the ErP Lot 6 standard and have a standby power of 1W.

ZALMAN LXII series power supply units are equipped with high-quality Taiwanese capacitors resistant to high temperatures (up to 105°C) and excessive loads. This is an important component of the component base, which affects the life of the device in various conditions.


And finally, the popular ZALMAN MEGAMAX budget series of the highest category with the 80 Plus White certificate for modern PCs is represented by models with a power of 500W, 600W, 700W, 800W: ZM500-TXII, ZM600-TXII, ZM700-TXII, ZM800-TXII.

The power supply unit includes components of the APFC active power factor correction module (98%), which guarantees stable operation and ensures high energy efficiency. Taiwan SamXon capacitors with a maximum operating temperature of 105°C are used, reliable and durable.

ZALMAN MEGAMAX power supply units with a standard list of important protections for this category of devices, that contribute to stable and trouble-free work during operation:  over-voltage protection (OVP), under voltage protection (UVP), short circuit protection (SCP), overload power protection (OPP).

An integrated EMI filter that significantly reduces noise during device operation, the 80 Plus White certificate with an efficiency index in the range of 86% at standard loads, a power supply unit design with a powerful single bus + 12 V are ideal conditions for future component updates or overclocking loads.

ZALMAN MEGAMAX power supply units are made on the basis of a modern, proven component base, that guarantees reliability and stability of work over a long period of operation and allows you to be sure of the unit’s flawless performance and high-quality system power supply.

Budget series of ZALMAN power supply units differ in technical characteristics and, accordingly, in cost. One common component that unites all offers is the product quality and an impeccably selected component base of power supply units, depending on their purpose.

Many years of experience, conscientious work of leading South Korean engineers and worldwide recognition of excellent product quality are what ZALMAN is today. The future with ZALMAN is a modern updated range and progressive ideas for business development.

Together with ZALMAN, we are confidently moving towards new achievements!


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