QNAP – a provider of quality network devices, is an ERC partner now


    ERC has signed a contract with QNAP Systems, Inc.!
    QNAP is a provider of quality network devices, founded in Taiwan in 2004. QNAP is one of the leading manufacturers in the production of network attached storage (NAS) and video recorders (NVR), who is strategically focused on maximizing the performance, reliability and functionality of its equipment.

    QNAP combines the innovations in information technology sphere with its own in-house electronics and design developments to produce quality products that improve efficiency and convenience of file sharing based work, virtualization of IT-infrastructure, closed-circuit television, media editing and broadcasting.

    QNAP NAS devices can be used:

    • as a storage data center, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops
    • for organizing a home cloud
    • as a home media center with playback capability thanks to built-in HDMI video output
    • as a centralized system for video surveillance
    • as a corporate backup and virtualization system

    So don’t hesitate to explore and discover a new universe of quality QNAP network equipment at the following link. And do not forget to follow other QNAP hot news and promotions!


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