Mix deliciously with ARDESTO


Every housewife values her time and tries to please her loved ones with delicacies prepared by herself as often as possible. Knead the dough, prepare cream, sauces, mousses – mixer is an indispensable device for these actions.


Entrust the monotonous task of mixing products to ARDESTO mixers, they will handle it perfectly thanks to sufficient power, the optimal number of modes and attachments, and the time saved will be given to your family. What could be better?

ARDESTO HMK-4006 hand mixer

With the ARDESTO HMK-4006W hand mixer you can always quickly mix any products or knead the dough. With high power (400 watts), five speeds, Turbo mode and two types of stainless-steel nozzles, the mixer can easily handle any task.

There is a special transparent container for convenient storage of nozzles, so everything you need will always be at hand.

  • Product code: HMK-4006W
  • Power 400 watts
  • Number of modes 5
  • Turbo mode
  • Mechanical control
  • The volume of the bowl is 4 liters
  • Nozzles whisks, hooks for kneading
  • Overheat protection
  • is white
  • Size (w × h × d) 19 × 24.5 × 8 cm
  • Weight 1.33 kg

ARDESTO KSTM-80xx stand mixer

ARDESTO KSTM-8040, KSTM-8041, KSTM-8042 and KSTM-8043 stand mixers will please with color scale, and therefore, it is possible to pick up that which will as much as possible fit to a kitchen interior.

A 4-liter stainless steel bowl will suffice for cooking even for a large family. To prevent splashing during mixing, the kit has a transparent lid, so you can control the process and add products as needed through a special hole.


After cooking the nozzle and bowl can be easily removed for quick cleaning.

  • Product codes: KSTM-8040, KSTM-8041, KSTM-8042, KSTM-8043
  • Power 800 watts
  • Number of modes 6
  • Pulse mode
  • Mechanical control
  • The volume of the bowl is 4 liters
  • Nozzles whisk, A-shaped nozzle, hook for kneading
  • Overheat protection
  • Colors white, green, red, champagne
  • Size (w × h × d) 36 × 30 × 21 cm
  • Weight 4.25 kg



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