AVer brand 4K camera with two lenses and audio tracking


    Now you can get the most realistic image and hold video conferences at the highest level thanks to the AVer CAM570 camera with optical zoom and two lenses, which supports video transmission with ultra-high resolution 4K.

    One of the lenses is a PTZ lens with 36x zoom, the other uses AI technology and has a viewing angle of 95°. The CAM570 camera is equipped with a built-in audio sensor that recognizes and tracks people’s voices at a distance of up to 10m. AI technologies such as Smart Gallery and gesture control help you see each participant from a close distance with good video quality.


    • audio tracking;
    • dynamic detection;
    • Smart Gallery function;
    • gesture management;
    • double lens;
    • 4K resolution.

    Audio tracking of the speaker by voice

    Audio tracking and presentation modes allow you to focus on the presenter. The camera automatically follows the speaker. In addition, you can set a point to focus the camera on a certain area. The built-in sensor picks up people’s voices at a distance of up to 10 m, without being distracted by the speakerphone.

    Dynamic detection of participants

    The dual-lens design accurately detects the movement of all participants in real-time while providing a wide view of the room. An additional AI lens detects new participants and triggers the PTZ camera to re-frame each attendee, so everyone is instantly identified for a seamless live stream.

    Smart Gallery

    The Smart Gallery feature frames meeting participants and displays them in the same separate windows. You can display both the face of the participants (head framing mode) and the body above the waist (portrait mode) – this significantly increases the effectiveness of hybrid meetings.

    Gesture control

    Using AI to recognize gestures and interpret commands, you can turn tracking on/off and zoom in/out without physically touching the camera. And this has a positive effect on the hygiene of the working space.

    Picture-in-picture PiP mode

    The CAM570 has a PTZ lens with 36x zoom and an AI lens to provide a panoramic view. The PIP function allows users to see the speaker and meeting participants at the same time, which is useful for medium to large meeting rooms.


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