LiFePO4 is the best implementation of chemical energy storage systems for home and business today


    The entire period of human electricity usage, the search for the most optimal way of storing energy was carried out. The most commercialized, affordable option offered by the market at the end of the last and the beginning of the current century are lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries in various variants. We have heard about the abbreviations Lead Acid, NiCd, and their derivatives AGM, Gel, OPzS, OPzV.

    All lead-based energy storage devices have a number of technological features:

    • Battery weight
    • Limitations in operating conditions by discharge and charge
    • In some cases, requirements for ventilation conditions
    • Complex maintenance of implementations’ number
    • High price

    Thus, in the consumer segment, energy storage implementations have been difficult, expensive, and hard to maintain whenever high power and long battery life have been required.

    Today, the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, more advanced products based on derivatives of lithium (Li) technologies have reached a high degree of commercialization and an affordable price. We are all familiar with them through mobile phones, laptops, tablets, electric cars after all.

    But all these products were somewhat explosive, it could be found out from the news. Phone and laptop batteries exploding, electric cars burning to the ground, etc. Indeed, these implementations of batteries are practically impossible to extinguish in the event of ignition.

    Developments using iron and cobalt in the structure of battery cells made serious changes. These technologies slightly reduced the voltage of one element, but seriously reduced the probability of explosion and fire hazard, which made it possible to create compact systems of low power, uninterruptible power supply systems of the house/apartment/business class, characterized by:

    • long service life
    • wide power parameters
    • compact size compared to lead-acid batteries
    • available operating conditions
    • available service requirements

    Most of the possibilities are provided by the presence of a smart control and management system – BMS, battery management system – in each such battery, and sometimes in a group of batteries.

    The advantages of LiFePO4 batteries over lead solutions are approximately as follows:

    • Weight, more than 3 times less per 1 kWh of capacity
    • Cyclicity – up to 10 times more discharge/charge cycles compared to lead-acid predecessors
    • Permissible operational depth of discharge – normally 90% of the nominal capacity
    • Actual absence of memory effect
    • The functional design of the battery is designed for at least 15 years of operation
    • Usually, the presence of an electronic charge/discharge management system (BMS)

    And many other things that advantageously distinguish a lithium battery from its lead-acid relative.

    2Е LFP24ххх Batteries

    LFP24 batteries are based on 8 (eight) prismatic cells controlled by a BMS.  Their main purpose is to provide a low-power energy storage system, which we estimate as 2 to 4 kW, using a 24 V resistor.

    BMS batteries provide free standard operation of the battery as 1C, i.e. full battery charge and discharge is available in 1 hour. The BMS clearly monitors the state of the cells and protects against excessive discharge, charge, short circuit, and controls the allowable discharge/charge currents.

    A voltmeter is built-in in the upper plane for the possibility of visual assessment of the battery condition.Batteries allow parallel connection of up to 4 batteries, which will provide up to 20 kW*h.

    Also, if necessary, the batteries allow a 2S series connection, ensuring the operation of more productive inverters with a capacity of 5 kW or more.




    2E LFP48xxx-LCD Batteries

    LFP48 series batteries are based on 16 (sixteen) prismatic cells controlled by BMS. There are individual means of displaying the state of the battery, in the form of a multifunctional screen. There are the status of operation, warning, protection, battery capacity level on the screen. BMS of LFP48 batteries provide free standard operation of the battery in the mode from 0.7 to 1C.

    Also, batteries of the LFP48 series have CAN and RS485 software interfaces. The interfaces allow to automate the settings of inverters for working with batteries, set the charge voltage, charge/discharge current, and the discharge protection activation level. Also, the inverter will accurately display the battery capacity level by reading it directly from the battery BMS.

    To optimize the DC protection system, each 2E LFP48xxx-LCD battery has a built-in circuit breaker that replaces the disconnect with a dedicated battery fuse.




    Advantages of 2E Energy LiFePO4 batteries

    The technical team of FE “ERC” works daily to improve the consumer characteristics of 2E Energy products. We actively cooperate with our partners, receiving a lot of feedback. We carefully consider each rare service case, drawing conclusions. Feedback data, service cases become the basis of close work with ODM companies that produce our products.

    As a result of this work, LiFePO4 batteries are becoming better, more and more meeting the requirements of the most demanding users. As an example, the result of working with feedback is the optimization of 2E LFP48ххх-LCD batteries. BMS battery firmware has been reworked, errors have been fixed, all batteries in stock have undergone pre-sale service.

    The optimal charge voltage is set, active cell balancing settings during charging are set, CAN/RS485 protocols are sewn for maximum compatibility with the most popular inverter systems sold and installed in Ukraine. Such as Voltronic Power (including all possible platform clones), Victron Energy, Solis, DEYE, etc. It is enough to connect with a standard or proprietary patch cord, and the battery becomes an integral part of the developed system of control and energy supply of a modern house.

    We are happy to offer the market, private and business users the best solution to the problem of energy supply with the highest quality and the best price-performance ratio.


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