Varmilo: New Shipment of Designer Gaming Peripherals


We are glad to announce new arrivals of unique Varmilo brand gaming peripherals.

The main distinguishing feature of the Chinese gaming peripherals manufacturer Varmilo is the introduction of art, culture and various areas of art design through the best modern technologies of game mechanics. The brand focuses not only on the development and implementation of new features, but also on making the keyboard a real work of art through a bright and unique design with almost hand-painted keyboards.


Varmilo mechanical gaming keyboards are available on popular Cherry switches and Varmilo’s own unique electro-capacitive switches EC V2.



Varmilo keyboards have perfect build quality with using quality and premium materials.


In all Varmilo keyboards, the keycaps are made of high-strength PBT plastic using dye-sublimation technology with engraved characters on the sides, that allows the characters to never be erased or felt in any way when printed, and high-quality PBT plastic guarantees reliability and durability.


Our shipment includes the most popular keyboard models that have become the favorites of gamers around the world, as well as large gaming surfaces with a unique design and Varmilo’s own switches.


In the updated range of Varmilo, the following designer mechanical keyboards are already on sale in Uzbekistan:


Peking Opera is a keyboard in traditional Chinese culture design, embodied through modern illustrations by Li Huang with traditional elements such as a belt, hieroglyphs and bronze inscriptions.



Lovebirds is another work by Varmilo, based on the idea of ​​eternal love and passion, and the visual way of reflecting this message is the huge cultural heritage of China – the ancient craft of porcelain, so the keyboard has the traditional white and blue colors of porcelain creations with classic patterns of birds and orchids.



Summit R2 is an alpine-style game mechanic inspired by boundless mountains. The color drawing on the layout depicts a symbolic snow-capped peak in the mountains, mountaineering symbols are applied on the keys, and Enter shows the coordinates of the Galdhøpiggen mountain in Norway, the image of which adorns the back of the keyboard.



CMYK is the harmony of retro technology with modern art design. An eye-catching mechanical keyboard with vibrant keys, that create a unique design philosophy of the device. The main color of the CMYK model is cold white, which smoothly turns into gray, and the main visual style of the keyboard is created by bright keycaps in yellow, pink, purple, orange and blue.



Panda is a whole story of inspiration from the unique nature of Asia, embodied in the design philosophy of a separate model of the device. The unique visual story of this model is realized through the original knotty fonts, which evoke a clear association with bamboo.



Yakumo is a keyboard for artists and gamers in stylish monochrome performance and unrivaled technology quality.



Sea Melody is an inspiring story of the sea surface, realized through the detailing of the inspiring underwater world and artistic painting on the keyboard elements of waves, jellyfish, whales and the sea surface.



Whichever Varmilo model you choose for your play space, it will always be a unique work of art and style. Varmilo is a keyboard for creators.


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