Xtrfy M42 gaming mouse: Scandinavian quality for unrestrained eSports players

It is widely known that the Swedish company Xtrfy is a world-famous manufacturer of high-quality gaming peripherals, which makes every game as comfortable and effective as possible. And the brand’s new product – Xtrfy M42 – is not an exception. After all, this mouse has many outstanding features that will certainly be appreciated by both amateurs and professionals in the world of eSports.


Among them: an attractive design, adjustable shape, accurate sensor and high build quality (remained unchanged). Moreover, thanks to the M42’s ultra-lightweight design, it can literally become an extension of your hand.


Xtrfy M42 Special features:

  • Five different body colour options.
  • Ultra-lightweight construction.
  • Convenient symmetrical shape with interchangeable parts to adjust the size of the mouse.
  • The most productive Pixart gaming sensor – 3389.
  • Omron 20 million clicks switches.
  • 32-bit ARM microcontroller for uncompromising speed and stability during the game.

Scope of the delivery

Inside a stylish box, the owner will find an M42 gaming mouse and two additional keycaps for two Xtrfy mechanical keyboard keys. In addition, the device comes with an optional removable rear panel, as well as Teflon feet, which will be a nice bonus for the user. There are also the Xtrfy logo sticker and documentation in the box. To sum up, the user get a decent computer accessories set, which has everything you need for a great gaming experience.


Design and construction

We were lucky to make a review of Xtrfy M42 RGB White mouse in a stylish white colour. Besides, the manufacturer also has a retro version of the mouse, as well as models in black, blue and pink colours in offer. Therefore, the potential owner has something to choose from, because each colour is special and cool in its own way. Visual delight is added by the mouse entire-body backlight, complementing the main colour of the game peripherals.

Talking about the design, the Xtrfy M42 is extremely light and has a nice symmetrical shape. It weight only 59g. At the same time, having such a small weight, the M42 is perfectly assembled and has a solid construction. Even in active use scenario, it does not loosen, sway or dangle. The body of this mouse is made of high-quality plastic that does not bend when pressed and is specially designed for long gaming battles. Interchangeable parts (designed to adjust the size of the Xtrfy M42) are also well fixed and securely “fit” on the gaming mouse.

Particular lightness of the design is provided by special honeycombs-shape perforation, covering almost the entire surface of the mouse. Unlike other competitive mice, perforation is done not only on the upper parts, but also on both sides and at the bottom of the M42. Despite the fact that the mouse is almost entirely decorated with holes or “honeycombs”, all its internal parts are covered with a protective coating that protects the components from dust and moisture.

But the main feature of the M42 RGB White design are two interchangeable panels (one of which is pre-installed). I.e., the owner of the M42 gets two gaming mice at once, as these accessories allow you to adjust the manipulator to your own preferences (in particular, changing the type of grip and the overall tactile feel).

The first panel helps you to have better control over the mouse due to its tight contact with the inside of your palm. While the second one provides a finger or “claw” grip, which makes the mouse move more freely and smoothly on the surface. Whatever the panel you chose, the device lies in the hand reliably and comfortably, so the owner just needs to choose the form that will be more acceptable and comfortable for him/her.

The bottom surface of the M42 has wide Teflon feet. They have a special hook to make it easier to change them to new ones when worn out. By the way, the kit includes a complete set of interchangeable feet (as mentioned above), so that the owner does not have to look for them on sale.

Backlight and DPI adjustment 

As a part of a good tradition, the Xtrfy M42 does not have software, so all settings can be done directly on the device using key and switches. At the top (behind the scroll wheel), there is the key that is responsible for switching the backlight. I.e., the owner can easily adjust the brightness and backlight modes with a click.

There are two keys on the left side of the mouse. And several keys are hidden on the bottom panel. These are the DPI switch key and the poll frequency slider, which has three positions – 125 Hz, 500 Hz and 1,000 Hz. In general, if the user needs to adjust the reaction speed of the mouse, everything is at hand, without the need to install additional software.


Now, let’s talk about the Xtrfy EZcord paracord cable as it deserves a special attention. The cord is 1.8 m long, which is super useful for those who uses a mouse with a desktop PC. However, if such a cord is too long for you – the cable has a winding system that allows you to choose the desired length.

The cable itself is decorated with a soft fabric braid. It is nice to hold in your hand, plus, it perfectly protects against kinks during fierce gaming battles.


As for the Xtrfy M42 “stuffing”, the main keys are Omron switches, with a lifespan of 20 million keystrokes. This is pretty enough even for a pro player, which is good value for money, considering the affordable price of the M42.

The scroll wheel has also proven to be good: a smooth, soft-ride, silent in operation – it is a real pleasure to use.

The device is also equipped with the most productive gaming sensor Pixart – 3389 complementing with a 32-bit ARM microcontroller. A great solution that provides uncompromising data processing speed and stability during the game.


The Xtrfy M42 RGB gaming mouse embodies pragmatism and Scandinavian endurance, which can be traced both in design and in modern components. Minimalism of forms, sophistication in every element, extraordinary accuracy and comfort even during long game battles will be useful to any gamer striving for victory.

Technical characteristics

Xtrfy M42 RGB Gaming Mouse

  • Sensor – Pixart 3389
  •  Adjustable RGB backlight
  • Omron main switches for 20 million keystrokes
  • CPI-adjustment 400/800/1 200/1 600/3 200/4 000/7 200/16 000
  • Polling rate 125/500/1 000 Hz
  • Maximum speed 50 g
  • Weight 59 g

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